Happy 2016!

Happy 2016! Diana's Christmas Cakes & Puddings would like to thank all our lovely customers for the past 2015 Christmas Season. We hope you all enjoyed your delicious cakes and puddings! Don't forget that cakes and puddings are available all year round and can be purchased at any time of the year - perfect for Christmas in July!


- My family loves Christmas pudding and Diana's puddings have been a big hit with them. They are beautifully rich!

- Diana's cakes are moist and full of fruit and flavour. They are very popular with my family and friends. The small cakes make great Christmas gifts.

- They look great, taste sensational, and are simply decadent. What more could you want. Diana's cakes have been a part of my family's Christmas for twenty years.

- After my first taste of Dianas cake: I had to have more. They are now legendary amongst my family and friends. Thank you for Diana’s special recipe and her expert culinary skills.

- No Christmas is ever complete without one of Diana's famous cakes and puddings. They look amazing and taste delicious! In fact, both products are a big hit with my Mum who lives overseas and who insists that each Christmas, I send over a cake AND a pudding to Holland via Airmail because nothing tastes better than Diana's Cakes and Puddings'!

- Your Homemade Christmas Pudding from the Farmer’s Market in Brisbane came all the way back to Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. to be enjoyed. It was delicious. Thank you, Reubie Byers.

- Nothing says Christmas like a delicious Christmas Cake or Pudding just like Grandma used to make, and this is what you get when you buy one of Diana’s.

We have been buying Diana’s Christmas Cakes and Puddings for a number of years now as Christmas gifts for our cleints. We like the fact that they are homemade and that Diana uses all natural top quality ingredients. The best measure of the quality of the products is the regular feedback we get back from our delighted clients.

Diana’s happy, efficient service and top quality products are highly endorsed by us - Morgans.